About Us

A little about our mission...

My name is Bramley and I am a blue roan cocker spaniel.  Last year I was looking at my cutest, rolling on my back and licking as hard as I could.  You see I really liked the look of the family who had come to choose a new puppy.  Guess what? It worked - they chose me!

My new family were dog virgins and had no idea what a little whirlwind I would be but I knew they would love me :)

My mummy is super creative and already runs an online gift boutique called Afewhometruths.  But I am simply the cutest fluff ball she has ever met.

And she realised that there are loads of pet owners who feel exactly the same about their little animals.

So Mummy invented the PETure Perfect box to ensure that pet owners get a little treat each month. 

I know you will really look forward to receiving it each month - especially as each one contains a very special item featuring an illustration of your pet.

Our home...

PETure Perfect is part of Afewhometruths Ltd.

We are based in Liverpool, England (home of The Beatles) and this is where all the magic comes from.

You can contact us at:

Afewhometruths Ltd

16 Marine Crescent



L22 8QP


We send our boxes by Royal Mail.  If you’ve had your shipping confirmation email then it’s on the way! In the UK it should take about 2-3 days. Some parcels may not fit through your letter box, so it might be at the sorting office. They should leave a card for you but sometimes they don’t. 

Internationally, parcels will take a little longer. Perhaps 7-14 days. If there are customs issues then it can even be a little longer. Your package will be with your local postal service.
If you think your parcel is taking too long, drop us an email at Bramley@afewhometruths.co.uk with your details and subscription number and we will look into it for you. It’s not a tracked service but we find it to be very reliable.

Meet Our Team

Bramley - Head Honcho

Fraggle - Head of Creative 

Claire - aka my MUM (maybe she is in charge really)

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