The perfect treat for owners of Dogs, Cats and even Tenrecs (yes indeed!)

An ideal gift for you or someone you love. We ship worldwide .

So what's it all about?

When you sign up for PETture Perfect, just provide us with your pet's photo.  You choose the package which suits you... you can use the photo or we can create a gorgeous hand drawn digital illustration.    Each month you will receive a very lovely item (maybe a mug, notebook or coaster - we want to keep back some surprises) featuring your pet as well as a couple of other goodies. 

You can change your photo every 3 months to keep things fresh!

Step 1

Choose your box type and let us know a few things about your pet, like its name.

Step 2

Send us your pet photo by email to Bramley@afewhometruths.co.uk

Don't worry we will get in touch with you if you forget!

Step 3

Sit back and wait for your package featuring your pet!

Tales from our customers

I  received my first box from PETure Perfect, and I couldn't be happier!  My Tiger Marie now graces a lovely wooden coaster with room for a drink  and a snack. The sketch is a purrfect likeness of my dear girl, and the  quality of the coaster material is excellent. 

It  is one of the big highlights of each month to receive my "surprise"  item adorned with one of my K9 companions! Wonderful and personal  customer service....a pleasure to do business with! Thank you for  providing such a unique and personal service! All paws up for PETure  Perfect!

I  received my first box and it had a wooden coaster with a personalized  drawing of my dog. They did an amazing job drawing my fur baby. Anyone  who is asking should I buy this, just do it, you won't regret it.

I  got this box as a gift for my husband he is absolutely loves it!!  Beautifully customized gifts featuring our little fur baby!! What a  wonderful idea and I love that you can change the picture every three  months so each of our pets can be featured!!


What to expect

Each box is different and features a gorgeous personalized item.

We are dog owners and lovers and only include very special items which we would be delighted to receive ourselves.

Past boxes have included a clock, a tea towel or even snuggly socks but we don't want to give too much away as part of the fun is the surprise of not knowing!